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Efficacia della Rieducazione Posturale Globale (RPG) sul dolore e sulla qualità della vita in donne con cervicalgia cronica

R. Radhakrishnan, P. Senthil, D. Rathnamala, P.Shyamala Gandhi

To find out the effectiveness of Global posture re-education method on pain and improving quality of life in women with chronic neck pain.
Study Design:
Quasi experimental study.
60 female patients aged 35 to 45 yrs old selected according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, were randomly divided into two groups.
The experimental group (n=30) performed breathing exercise, active muscle chain stretching and active exercise, while control group (n=30) performed home exercise.
Patients were evaluated before and after intervention which lasted for six weeks. Both the groups were tested for pain by VAS scoring and quality of life by SF-36 questionnaire.
The treatment program consisted of 50 minutes per session, 3 sessions per week for 6 weeks. Data were statistically analysed to find the significance level.
Significant reduction of pain and improvement of quality of life were observed after treatment in experimental group.
Global posture re-education method is effective in reducing pain, and improving quality of life in female patients with chronic neck pain.

Keywords: global posture re-education, chronic neck pain, SF-36 questionnaire, quality of life.


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